Venue and Subway Shows

Friday, September 20th - Crescent & Vine (25-01 Ditmars 11pm)

Tuesday, September 24th - Herald Square (34th Street) 6-9pm

Tuesday, October 1st - Herald Square (34th Street) 6-9pm

Tuesday, October 8th - Union Square (14th Street) 6-9pm

Saturday, October 12th - Herald Square (34th Street) 12-3pm

Friday, October 25th - Crescent & Vine (25-01 Ditmars 11pm)

For all up-to-date show info, please go to our Facebook page.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Dinosaurs Are Mating.

Raptorians, we've been hard at work in the lab. We've been teaching our newest recruit about our top secret dinosaur cloning research. His name is Patrick Bradley and he's not only one dinosaur loving son of a bitch, he's OUR NEW DRUMMER!!!! This guy crushes the drum set with his rip roaring skills and he's coming to a venue near you.

Peat and I are extremely happy to welcome him into the Raptor family. He has done an incredible job of learning the You Bred Raptors? canon (can I be any more pretentious?) and has been nothing but positive energy the whole way through. After our gig today, he noticed his hand was bleeding. That means he's already given this band his sweat and blood. I'm sure after a couple more rehearsals of hearing me sing, "lick my balls" to every song in our line up, Patrick will definitely have given tears to this band.

I have a very special gift.

He wants you to come out and see how he helps make You Bred Raptors? the sickest band in the US of A. Come out to Arlene's Grocery on October 5th where we'll be playing with our good friends, Two Seconds to Midnight. 

Until next time, my Raptor Friends. Come say hi to Patrick and remember to spay and neuter your pets.

-Bryan and YBR?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Mercury Lounge BECKONS YOU!!

Raptor Squad, listen up!! We are going to be CRUSHING it at the Mercury Lounge on Tuesday May 28th at 9 pm. Stick it to the man and extend your Memorial Day weekend and come see us light up the stage with our friends, Two Seconds to Midnight. And guess what? You know that sick new custom 8 string bass that Conklin Guitars has been making for Peat? Well it's finally here and this is your first opportunity to let those magic strings rumble your nether regions. 

This show will also be our video release party! Back in March we shot a music video for our single, Pickpocket, with the help of PVAFfilms. Let me tell you, I froze my balls off filming that thing! And OMG, there was like no craft services! How is a girl supposed to get in character? Whatevvvsss...

I'm sorry, punch me in the face if I ever talk like that in real life. 

But on a serious note, we really want to see you guys at this show. We've been working on new tunes, which are pretty fucking cool. If you wondering about the process of writing music, let me give you the quick Bryan Wilson run through of composition:

1) Get blank manuscript paper
2) Cry
3) Focus on why you hate yourself
4) Masturbate
5) Sing sad melodies only using the words, "suck my balls"
6) Cry again
7) Call Peat and ask for validation
8) Masturbate

There you have it. Follow that recipe and you too can be a composer. Come on out and see us on the 28th! 

You're gonna like the way you look. I guarantee it. 

~Bryan and YBR?

Monday, March 11, 2013


Holy Shnikees! The Raptors have done it again! We have a MEGA show coming up that you have got to get your tookuses to. Why is it MEGA? Because You Bred Raptors? is playing with none other than the Protomen, the world's only Mega Man inspired rock opera super group. The show is Wednesday March 20th at 7:30 PM and is ages 16 and up. Grab your tickets HERE!! because this baby will sell out! You can RSVP on the Mark Zuckerberg webpage HERE!

Okay, I'm sorry for all the exclamation points, there's no need to yell at you. All you want is love and affection. I care about you, I really do.

Everyone needs love, so do something nice for yourself and grab the SICKEST, most AWESOME, JAW DROPPINGLY SEXY new You Bred Raptors? t-shirt!!!! (I'm yelling again, sorry).

This new print is absolutely gorgeous and I personally haven't stopped wearing it for 3 days straight (not recommended). Check out our Merch section and grab one for only $15. Trust me, every T-Rex in the neighborhood is gonna want one.

Be nice to yourself, come to our show, and snag a shirt while you're at it. These are 3 simple things that we can work on together.

But let's not get too close because I still haven't changed my t-shirt.

~Bryan and YBR?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dino Lovin'

Grab our awesome album for only $5! You have until February 14th, so get your dino smooches in now! Go to THIS-HERE-LINK and at checkout enter in the code: DINOLOVE

Man, have we been busy! A 10 gallon barrel of Brontosaurus spermatozoa accidentally caught fire at our laboratory, so we've been vigorously trying to get out of that sticky situation. Amirite?...Anyone?... I’m so sorry.

The good news is that we’ve been playing shows right and left. Our Mercury Lounge show in January was a smash, we were recently on Pratt Radio, we destroyed The Cake Shop this week, and we’ll be on tour next week in Philly and Montclair, NJ. Check out our upcoming dates for more info:

Here’s a fun trivia game for all you YBR? fans. Which member of the band had cornrows in his high school yearbook photo and was crowned, “Most Scholarly?”
A) Peat
B)  Zach
C) Bryan
D) You didn't know any of our names and you don't care

On that note, have a sexy ValenDINOtine Day and grab our album for only $5 while you hold your loved one in your arms, caress them softly, and slowly let tears of misery and enlightenment be summoned from that black pit inside of you.

Bryan of YBR?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hunky Firemen and Kittens in Teacups

Welcome Raptorians to 2013, the year dinosaur cloning is finally realized! We're here to kick off this riotous year with an EPIC show that you need to go to: You Bred Raptors? at the Mercury Lounge on Wed. January 9th at 9pm. We'll be playing with our friends, Reserved for Rondee, and can guarantee you'll want to take a break from baking brownies in your Easy Bake Oven to come watch us blow your minds on stage. Grab your tickets quick because this event will SELL OUT! For tickets click here:

Did we mention we are releasing our brand new Hammond cassette at this show? That's right, you can get your favorite album, plus AN UNRELEASED BONUS TRACK, on this limited edition cassette. These are collector's edition tapes, so if you need everything YBR? come out to the show and snag one! Seriously, there's only about 50 of these suckers.

Unfortunately, Walkmans are sold separately.

We Raptors have been working like mad men (well, let's be honest, we "ARE" mad men) on new songs for your listening pleasure. There are so many different styles that we are experimenting with and tons of new influences, you're definitely going to enjoy these newly crafted sounds at our upcoming shows. 

The most important thing we find in creating music is to make sure we are well fed, which is why we always order food from our favorite Greek restaurant while we're writing. Often times, Bryan (I) will eat too much, question why he (I) just ate so much, and precipitously fall into a post food coma. Zach and Peat are then forced to carry him (me) downstairs, thrust the cello in his (my) hands, and yell at him (me) and tell him (me) to 'be a person' before he (I) starts playing again. 

Stay tuned for more news from your favorite dinosaur scientist musicians. We've got loads of great stuff coming at you this year!

Speaking of which, check out our new song "Moonshine". Ding dong dang. 
~Bryan and the rest of You Bred Raptors?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What in Sam Hill is going on over here?

The machine of perpetual motion and Raptorian ridiculousness continues. I'm sitting at my computer in my Dad-robe chugging coffee like it's my job (and it certainly is today), so expect a complete lack of control and a total disregard for most anything. We're about 3 shots of espresso in, so the lunacy is starting to kick in, YEAH LET'S DO THIS IT'S AWESOME I'M SO READY.

We've been getting all sorts of media attention as of late, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Outlets such as The Deli, Pinpoint Music, Shakefist Magazine, PostRockStar have been making good mention of us... and that's the short list! If you haven't been keeping up on all of these laudatory tidbits about your favorite masked instrumental trio, then maybe we need to start brewing up meth with new people.

Our hugely anticipated and sure-to-be ridonkulous show at Galapaogos is TOMORROW with the ever lovely and talented Rebecca Brandt! We're very excited to perform at this venue with all of these other truly fantastic musicians, and if you have anything resembling a pulse, you'll be there! Friday the 21st of September, doors at 7pm, advance tickets are 10$ here:  There will be a video crew there and we juuuust might be filming footage for an ΓΌber-secret DVD release... Shhhh...

We're also looking at a quick recording of a new tune to accompany the re-release of Hammond on a totally different medium... 47 friendship points to the first 5 fans who guess what the medium is! I'll give you one hint, it isn't a piano roll.

Yeah yeah yeah, you get it, we're awesome and you don't appreciate us enough. Sounds about right. Over and out my pretties, until next time.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Jumpin' Jehosaphat! Humpin' Hornytoads!

Us dudes here in YBR? have been all sorts of busy since the last update, many things need to get done talked about!

For starters, we're gearing up for SEVERAL short films that will be featuring our oh-so-lovely musical prowess. These short films are spearheaded by our buddies in PVAF Films ( ) who have frequently lent their visual/videography skills to our cause in the past. These shorts are already proving to be all sorts of exciting and challenging.

On that scoring track (see what I did there?), we're also in talks with a certain B-Horror company for scoring a feature-length film... If you're lucky, you just might catch a glimpse of our ugly mugs for an extra-sexual cameo. Official announcement to follow after official papers are officiated by the official officiators.

Hammond has quite literally been flying off of the shelves/subway stations/horse-drawn carts/etc. Not to mention the buzz and such for all our other BANGIN' merch (seriously dudes and ladies, wearing it makes everyone else think about your private parts). A re-up from the Raptor warehouse is in order for most merch items, our deepest apologies if there are any delays in shipping. Feel free to keep the carrier pigeon as a token of our appreciation.

Also of note, Epileptic Peat is now officially endorsed by CONKLIN guitars and KURT MANGAN strings. Conklin will be making a custom bass partially designed by him and Kaptain Carbon. Kurt Mangan will be threading strings together from spider webs and baby tears. We're still working on our ChexMix endorsement, we just can't quit you...

To top it all off, we've been writing like absolute madmen. These scoring projects have ignited such a creative streak in all of us that we've neglected many other things in the process (rent, social lives, general hygiene). Solo instrument pieces and orchestral soundscapes are flying out of our butt like monkeys in dumb outfits and we can't wait to share it all with you in the 7 different mediums they'll be appearing in. I'm not making any promises here, but it's kind of like a gang bang for your ears, and you don't have to cry or take a shower afterwards.

What else can I possibly say that would satiate you if the previous sentence didn't do the trick? Listen to the friggin' album here: Get your free download on, share it with your friends and cute cousins, tip your bartender, just the tip. Over+Out

- YBR?